Nina Fitzpatrick was born in 1991 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, and moved to Irvine, California at age six. She began her formal arts education at age twelve when she was accepted to the Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHSA). She took advantage of every fine art class offered in the Visual Arts conservatory, especially landscape painting. At about the same time, she discovered her love and passion for the ocean and surfing.

After graduating from OCHSA, she pursued her passions by enrolling at the Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) in Laguna Beach, California. Nina is currently in her last year of LCAD, and is creating a body of work reflecting her obsession with waves. Upon graduation, she plans to paint large scale waves and seek gallery representation, as well as partake in other creative pursuits revolving around her love of the ocean.

Nina passed away on the 7th of April 2014.




2010- Present_____Laguna College of Art and Design, Laguna Beach, Ca
2005-2010________Orange County High School of the Arts, Santa Ana, Ca

2013_____________Art Walk Exhibition, The Rider’s Club, San Clemente, Ca.
2013_____________Exhibition, San Clemente Art Supply, San Clemente Ca.
2013_____________Public Sale, Laguna Plein air Painting Assoc. (LPAPA) Aliso Creek Inn, Laguna Beach Ca.
2013_____________Exhibition, LPAPA Collector's Soiree, Laguna Beach Ca.
2013_____________Exhibition, Zeytoon Cafe, Laguna Beach Ca.
2013_____________Art Walk Exhibition, Seeds Market Santa Ana, Ca.
2012_____________Exhibition, LPAPA, Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach Ca.

2013_____________Merit Scholarship Award, Laguna College of Art and Design
2013_____________Sculpture Merit Award, Laguna College Of Art and Design 2012_____________Terry Smith and Wayne Petersen Scholarship
2012_____________Merit Scholarship Award, Laguna College of Art and Design
2012_____________President’s Honor Roll, Laguna College of Art and Design
2011_____________LPAPA Young Artist Honorable Mention Award



Artist Statement

There is a beauty in the loss of control in both surfing and painting. Just like a wave in the ocean, it’s unpredictability translates similarly in my paintings. I love the spontaneity of creating. I don't need to think or plan for the future, I am truly in the present, in that moment. I like to share a feeling of passion being passed into the painting bringing all I've ever known and experienced to the image.  

I consider myself a realist who is painting in the lineage of Impressionism in a contemporary sense. Unusual visual angles dominate my compositions and I reference a changing light from film. I integrate powerful, impulsive movement in my brush strokes to simulate the wave, yet, I choose to remain accurate in an objectively real representation. I try to capture the moment as it is and the emotional attachment it makes with me. My purpose is to provoke an impulsive emotional and physical response from the viewer as they curiously engage with the painting in their own kinesthetic environment, as they move forward and back as if in a tactile game with the painting.

My intent is to capture the beauty of the ocean and it’s ephemeral waves, as well as the many nuances and elements in waves such as: the transparency of water, thickness of foam and lighting effects. This passion that I wish to share comes from surfing and the moments I spent in the ocean feeling the wave’s immense power and analyzing it’s beautiful form and color. My Teacher, Tom Betts, once told me a very true explanation that I am just beginning to imitate in painting, “The nature of water is smooth but the color balance is crisp” (Tom Betts).









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